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About us
DRAWinternational - About us


John and Grete McNorton have established DRAWinternational as a centre of research for postgraduate art and design education and professional practice at their home and studios based at 8 rue du chateau, 82160 Caylus, France.

John was Head of Centre for Art and Design Education and taught theoretical and two-dimensional studies on MA courses in Education, Ceramics and Fine Art at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, He also taught at the Royal College of Art, London and now runs the centre in France while continuing to visit other universities and institutions in the UK and Europe.
His PhD at the Royal College of Art was entitled: ‘Choreography of Drawing- the consciousness of the body in the space of a drawing’, (2003). He continues to explore these ideas through personal work and structured courses designed to enhance theoretical and practical skills in creative drawing action.

Grete has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (sculpture) and is a qualified art and design teacher. She has worked as an artist, teacher and administrator in both France and the UK. Grete set up and ran a contemporary gallery /studio in Cornwall, promoting exhibitions, art and craft workshops and life drawing. She worked as an artist/sculptor in Paris for six years and then returned to the UK to teach art and design in South Wales. Grete is currently professeur d'arts plastiques at the municipal drawing and painting school in Montauban, Tarn et Garonne.
Her sculptures represent visual and perceptual traces of memory that are established or reaffirmed during the process of making, serving as renewable and re-locatable entities in their own right, encompassing drawing, mono-print and painting.